Dirk C. Gratzel

Dr. Dirk C. Gratzel

PRECIRE Technologies: CEO


Dr. Dirk C. Gratzel was born in Essen in 1968. He holds a Ph.D. in Law, is the father of five children, and enjoys an excellent education in business and psychology. In more than ten years of leadership experience, he served as CEO and board member in various companies (including Daimler Benz AG, Flamm AG, and Stockheim-Gruppe), with an emphasis on HR.


Since 2007, he has advised top companies in strategy- and personnel-related matters. Since 2012, he has headed the PSYWARE GmbH team in Aachen, Germany. Dr. Gratzel has made numerous appearances as a keynote speaker on the subjects of motivation and leadership, including frequent presentations to federal and state agencies and top-tier summits for major industry organizations, largely concerning his key speech-analysis software PRECIRE. Dr. Gratzel also regularly speaks about the topics of personnel development, (sports) psychology, communication skills, and negotiations. Numerous articles have been published about him, his company, and his work in specialist media. Also worthy of mention are Dr. Gratzel’s extensive networks in business and sports.


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